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We are ghosts. We are in a house we don't recognize. We have a handful of memories, and these memories are brief moments and flashes of barely something. The Living are nearby, and they encroach on our space, making their demands. Worse, there is a Thing in the Walls. It is ancient, inhuman. Hungry, yearning. Angry.

But this is Our Haunt now. This is our home, and we only have each other as family. If we take care of each other, good things will happen. We just know it.


Our Haunt is a tabletop RPG about a family of ghosts built on the Belonging Outside Belonging system, inspired by games like Dream Askew/Dream ApartWanderhome, and Balikbayan: Returning Home. It's a rules-light engine with no dice and no masters, focused around tokens and community play.  

In Our Haunt, we will play as one of the following playbooks:

  •  The Loved, who remains in this world hoping to find their lost love — or at least, honor their memory.
  •  The Betrayed, murdered by violent means, trapped as a ghost until they get revenge.
  •  The Faceless, who died so long ago they can barely remember their true form.
  •  The Returned, who has seen the worlds beyond death and is here to spread the word.
  •  The Doll, trapped inside the body of a doll and unable to express their true self.
  •  The Cat, or the ghost of a cat, wandering these halls among these strange humans.

Once we've made our characters, we'll develop the haunted house we live in before exploring the strange and creepy world that exists around us. Our Haunt is perfect for oneshot or campaign play, with sessions lasting between 2-4 hours. While we play, we'll discover memories of our past, tussle with the living, dodge the ancient monstrosities that lurk beyond the veil, and support each other in a strange and liminal half-world.

If the price of this game is a hardship to you, free community copies are available below.  In addition, significant discount for marginalized folk is on the way! In the meantime, feel free to grab a community copy if you like.

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AuthorRae Nedjadi
Tagsbelonging-outside-belonging, Ghosts, GM-Less, LGBT, LGBTQIA, poc-made, Queer


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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Hi! Are there any more community copies on the way by any chance? :)

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We just played this as a 6-player session at our Story Games Glendale meetup. I've played a few Belonging Outside Belonging games, and this was a real joy. I love that the facilitator contributions are the rooms of the house, and damn those playbooks are just well crafter as far as the moves and bonds and other components. We ran a few rounds of scenes and had a beautifully evocative and creepy and cute story, in time for this Halloween season. What a trick and treat!


loving this game! I have seen a few mentions of a playkit, and character keeper, where do I locate those? 


I was also hoping to find a copy of these! The PDF mentions an online character keeper, but I couldn't find anything. If anyone has tips for running this remote, that would be great.

I'd like to know as well. Much appreciated if we could get an update on those :)


hi Rae, I purchased the game through DriveThruRPG and I keep seeing references to a separate “Playkit.” Where would I find that document? 

This looks lika a fun game! Is there anyway you can add more community copies?


The book mentions an online character keeper — is this available yet? I can't seem to find a link anywhere. Thank you!

Hello, is there any plans for more community copies anytime soon?

Hello! I went ahead and added a free community copy for each 5 star rating we get here on itchio so!! More community copies!

(In case they run out before you can grab one, please let me know, I'll be happy to send you a personal download link!)

tysm! I was able to grab one

A very inspiring haunt! I will hack or port it to my game :)


Is it possible to get the character sheets to print out? My physical copy just arrived and I want to play it but would like to have sheets to pass out and make it a bit easier.


I was wondering if you were planning on adding more community copies of this game? :)

We haven't had new purchases recently but I'm happy to send you a download key! You can email me at swordqueengames@gmail.com :)


Hi! I sent you an email, maybe it got lost in the haunted house
; )

"Recently I bought the physical copy of our haunt in a brick & mortar store, is it possible to download our haunt playbooks/character sheets somewhere?"


Felix Qui

oh this looks great!!!

A wonderful spooky and emotionally touching place that's a perfect pick to take the Belonging Outside Belonging way of play to!

Thank you so much! ❤️❤️❤️