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It is the far future. Earth has been abandoned for generations. Humanity left for brighter stars, richer planets and shining colonies. To fuel their dreams of a better tomorrow, the humans turned to the Elementals and their magic. This magic is an invaluable source of power and labor. Machines were created to harness and enslave the Elementals .

You were one of these Enslaved Elementals. You are machines that echo the legendary magic you once possessed. You and your friends are among the few who have managed to return to Earth. What remains of Earth’s cities is falling apart. The Corp won’t let go of you so easily either. But shining through the cracks is a magic that is ready to be reborn.

Can you outrun The Corp long enough and bring forth the Rebirth of magic? Will you survive this revolution you’ve started, or will The Corp recapture you? We play the game of BALIKBAYAN: RETURNING HOME to find out.

BALIKBAYAN is great for veterans ready for a more narrative experience, and perfect for people new to the hobby. Bring your dystopic post-Cyberpunk fantasies to life, revel in supernatural Filipino folklore, and dance along the threads between magic and technology.

  • Run the game how you like it: with or without a Game Moderator!
  • Based on the Belonging Outside Belonging System (Dream Askew, Dream Apart, and many other beautiful games)
  • Ticking clock mechanic: can you bring about the rebirth of magic before the corp enslaves you again?
  • Token based economy: no dice, no masters.
  • Strong Cyberpunk-Supernatural-Folklore aesthetic and themes
  • Magic and Technology meet beautifully in an evocative way
  • Based on Filipino myths and legends, but you do not have to be Filipino to play this game or enjoy/understand its themes
  • By supporting this game now, you will help support the game and receive future versions for free.

If the price of this game is a hardship to you, free community copies are available below!


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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I love cyberpunk mythic fantasy and magic, and this game delivers in spades. Plus, the layout and art are gorgeous. It's even exciting to read.

Thank you so much! 💜⚡🎉

(please note that I claimed one of the community copies because I purchased the game at full price at the last Big Bad Con in Walnut Creek.)

Absolutely! Thank you so much for grabbing the zine! I will add another copy for the community to reflect you supporting the zine ❤️

I’ve been quite fond of Shadowrun and its blend of magic and neon-futurism for a long time. But the rules are cumbersome and it isn’t really Punk.

Balikbayan is the game I want Shadowrun to be. The rules are simple to use but allow a lot of depth in player choice and character design. There is a strong tension between restoring magic or being captured that is not in direct opposition. And it is thoroughly based in a culture, rather than being so generic. A stunning game, both in its rules and it’s presentation.