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I’d love to know what other people imagined for their family secret. I couldn’t think of anything good so I just went with , “be careful what leaves you wipe with when you’re in the forest”

Hi are both versions the same but ina different format? I'm a little unsure which to use


Hi! Yes they're both exactly the same! Thanks so much for asking :) 

What a powerful experience. A fantastic little solo RPG and pushed me creatively and emotionally. I’m not sure I’ll play it again (I feel that the story I played out is my story), but it will stay with me for a very long time. Wonderful. Thank you for creating it!

Thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear that, I can absolutely understand that the story is your story <3

Really enjoyable game!  I got insanely lucky with a 14 Innocence and a lot of middling rolls, which let me use that stat. Definitely helped offset the 7 Soul Resilience I started out with. I was a little unsure of the Risk rolls for my Resources. When I failed a Risk roll, I reduced the dice class and moved on. Was I supposed to reduce the dice class, then keep rolling until I got a success? Again, fantastic job making this! I'm very excited to start reading more about Filipino folklore.

I’m Filipina and I am SO excited to play through this!! Our culture’s legends don’t get a lot of press so this is really exciting :) 

my rating: ★★★★★

this game is so exquisitely beautiful that i forced my husband to read it and tell me what he liked about it. the writing is entrancing, the mechanics are beautifully streamlined, and the layout is gorgeous. this is very possibly the best thing i've ever purchased.

Litza thank you so much 😭😭😭


I enjoyed the visuals and metaphors of this game, because every encounter and roll of the dice allowed me to add my own story. It felt like I was playing me but in third person so it made me realize 'oh this is how i talk to myself' and 'apparently this is how i react to certain things'. I loved how it made me confront shadows but still be brave, innocent, and kind.

I also rolled surprisingly well, so I was able to get to the end in my first playthrough. I wonder what will happen when another of my Seekers attempts to go in the Forest. ;)

that's so awesome, thank you so much for playing! ❤️❤️❤️

Really enjoyed my first playthrough. I'm not at all familiar with filipino folklore so this was a fascinating glimpse into a different culture (definitely going to hunt down the book recommended).

I was a bit uncertain at first how to narrate parts of the game - whether I should just talk aloud to myself, write it down, or just mentally figure things out - but decided to write small entries for each test and enjoyed the experience of discreet writing prompts.

My favorite aspect is definitely how underpowered I felt at every junction. There are not enough games that leverage helplessness in interesting thematic ways and I like that my character feels small and fragile compared to the forest around them.

Definitely going to have to play through again. Maybe I'll make it out this time.

Thank you so much for playing Nate! I'm taking note on yr feedback, that's a really good point ❤️

How far did you get and what kind of ending did you "unlock"? :) 

Many people have made it to the end but I haven't yet haha! 

I made it to the second to last encounter, where you face the brothers, and my soul encounter went down to exactly zero which felt very poetic.

I got the ending where the Duwende take me, which I interpreted as being made into a giant tree on the forest's edge where I could watch over those who came next. big props for managing to be so evocative without a ton of text. it's something I'm working on with my own writing and appreciated.


Hey Jammi! Can I asked what software/website you used to create the zine version of We Forest Three? It's absolutely gorgeous!


Oh yes, I credit Maria Mison for the beautiful layout (link! She used Pages! (Link again:

Thank you!


Just finished my first playthrough! Thoroughly enjoyed it and even made it to the end! Surprisingly, I rolled really well and didn't  get called on to use my resources at all, but a Diwata did repair one for me. That, plus a number of other rolls of the dice, made for a really interesting story and character growth. Thanks for this game Jammi, I'm sure I'll play it plenty more times!

oh gosh! 😭😭😭 I haven't made it to the end yet! Haha, I'm so happy for you though, that sounds like an amazing journey~ thank you so much!

It was super cool! I wrote the whole thing down like a journal, and I think even looking back at that will be interesting.

I'm starting my second play through now; my first time I had 17 Soul Resilience, this time I have 7!

oh no a 7! 😭😭😭

I still made it through! Whew! Still love this game so much. 

I did notice a few wee things, like the image attached (no 4-6 option?).

Just wanted to let you know.

Wow I am so amazed! I'll try playing again this week and see if I can make it all the way through. 

Thank you so much for pointing it out, I'll work on that asap! I always appreciate the extra pair of eyes ✨

Just updated the typo error! Thanks so much <3

You're very welcome! 

I also noticed the following, after meeting the Sirena, the '5-6' result isn't bolded.

And finally, after meeting with the Second Sister and retrieving the second glass bottle it refers to the First Sister again rather than the Second which confused me a little. Not sure if it's meant to be the Second or if I'm just reading it wrong.

Thank you again! As I've said, I really love this game. It seemed to really touch something for me that I can't quite explain?

Playthrough number 3! I only have 9 Soul Resilience, my Bravery is 6, my Innocence is 5 and my Kindness is 11... wish me luck?? This will definitely be a different story experience than my last ones, I'm looking forward to it!

Oh gosh those numbers are so low, I'm wishing you the best!!!!

Haha yup, did not make it through this time, but made for a great new story which I love! Thanks again 💚

Oh that's so fantastic! Even tho I have yet to make it the end myself, I have enjoyed the story haha! 

Which ending did you get? ❤️

I've just finished a playthrough and LOVED going through the Forest <3

I'm so glad! How far did you make it? 💖 

I made it until the end! I thought I wouldn't, since you warn us that the beginning that the game isn't supposed to be easy, but having 16 in Innocence saved my butt many times :D (I should play again to meet the Oracle or the Brothers).
I particularly loved your writing, which is so evocative, and the whole story made me want to discover the Philippine folklore :)

omg! I haven't made it to the end yet and I played 7 times already HAHA 

Thank you so much for your kind words 💖 I really love Philippine folklore and try to share it as much as I can~

Saw this tweet, looks interesing for sure!

Thanks so much! 💖💖💖