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This game is being updated! A new version will be up by AUGUST 31, 2019. Thanks!

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Once upon a time, the Dreaming Forest was beautiful, perfect. Fae and Human alike wandered into the Forest in their sleep, walking the maneyed path to the Whispering Tree. Here, at the Heart of the Forest, the Tree whispered all manner of things. But whatever wish you whispered in return, it would come true when you woke up! That is, until the Lightning Beast came, hungry and despairing. Everything is twisted now, dark, and terrifying. Flashes of nightmares roam the forest. But you need this wish to come true, no matter what. And so you venture forth, into the forest twisted by nightmarish beasts, the tree waiting for you…

- - - 

  • Powered by the Apocalypse, incredibly streamlined: narrative rules
  • Violence is not the only option: Journeymen choose between using Sword, Speech, or Song as their weapon for braving the forest.
  • 2-6 players (including Game Master/Mother Tree)
  • One-shot, for 2-3 hours of play
  • All rules fit in one pamphlet

- - -

This game is still subject to play testing and will be updated in the future. Please feel free to follow me and keep track of when I update the game! Thank you!

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