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Please let my friends online try the game. where can i find the sheet for google.doc?

Hello! I was wondering if there were anymore community copies available? Can this game also be played solo? 😊

An absolutely beautiful work of art, both for the game and the layout. I can't wait to play it! The only issue is the game doesnt read well over text to voice. Maybe a text only version could remedy this?


thank you so much! I've been meaning to make my games more accessible, I'll start working on a text only version! ❤️

You are a STAR and I love your games!


omg!!! thank you so much T_____T


Any plans to create Playbooks for each of the Court Cards ? 

I was tempted to do so, but I didn't want to overwhelm players with too much choice 🤔

Royal Blood by Grant Howitt has Playbooks based on court cards! They're very awesome and cool, but every time I run the game my players get super overwhelmed.

I may reconsider this in the future, maybe add a few more at least...

Haven't read the game yet, but just had sudden inspiration for card-related names for possible other non-gendered playable archetypes because of this conversation.

Figures I should as well take note of them just in case ^^

Dis-paired Knight, searching for their other half, one foot in their sworn duty to the universe and the other already claimed by the void !

All-in Page, sort of a jack-of-all-trades rocking the support role, chameleoning into all and every heroic needs at risk of forgettin their own identity in the service of others.

There, my 2 cents. Off to bed now :)

Incredible layout, and very seamless game mechanics :)

aaaaa thank you so much 😳✨❤️