A downloadable game from the outside

This was created as a submission to the fascinating Libre Baskerville Jam.

This is apparently the game written from the Outside with absolutely no editing or thought put into it.

(So of course, it's about memories and magic because uh yeah)

Join the jam! This was such fun for me ♥

Excerpt from the game jam:

"Begin typing, and continue typing until you reach the end. Which is to say: no backspace, no editing, no jumping back to insert something you should have put in earlier. These are things that you are bringing to the game, from Inside, and this game comes from the Outside. You can stop to think—in fact, you should, and often—and you can come back to it later, starting exactly where you left off. If you absolutely must, you can strike through text that you wrote (especially if you suspect it is something you wrote, and not the Martians or whatever). We wear our mistakes like a red badge of courage."

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorRae Nedjadi


Six Sided Memory - Libre Baskerville Jam 2019.pdf 35 kB


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This is lovely, thank you for sharing it


this is a freacking classic of the type of work that you do, it's succinct and gorgeous