Typo fixes, print friendly version on the way!

First off, thank you SO MUCH for supporting this game! The response has been fantastic and I'm so happy this game resonates with so many folks.

This is a small update, I corrected several typos (many thanks to Yi Weng for taking the time to go over them and help me out!). I didn't change the file name because I don't think such a small set of changes warranted that.

A print friendly version is the biggest request I've gotten. I wanted at least a few more playtests under my best before working on it, but I may get one out sooner so more people can play the game!

I've also gotten a lot of positive feedback, and I love hearing your games and the stories you created with your group. Please feel free to leave a comment on the main game page or reach out to me on twitter: @temporalhiccup!


Once More Into The Void 02192020.pdf 66 MB
Feb 26, 2020


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Seems like I can't get the update. I suspect it's because I took a community copy :(

Oh getting a community copy should be just the same as purchasing it! Try heading to the main game page and refreshing it? *Crosses fingers*

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Actually it works. I'm probably dumb, the "download" button is available on the main game page and on my library. Sorry ! You should delate my comment ;)

I'll write a nice review instead :D

Haha it's okay! An honest mistake, happens to me all the time ❤️ I'm glad you left a comment just to be sure!