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Curious about what Keepers of the Cards is like in play?

Here we are playing Keepers of the Cards on Roll20's Indie Showcase!

Here is an actual play video from Go Jess with an amazing cast.

Here is a session of play with folks from the Gauntlet.


We Are The Keepers of the Cards

The Magician has left behind a legacy of magic. As part of this legacy, a deck of cards  was created. Each card contains a creature of pure magic.

At least, the cards used to.

You and your friends are the Keepers of the Cards! You are children of magic and hope, and you must find these creatures and rebuild this deck of magic and power.

But at the end of this tale, can you see it through?

The Inspiration

KEEPERS OF THE CARDS is inspired by the anime series Cardcaptor Sakura and other shows from the magical girl genre. It's a game that focuses on young characters, friendships that change over time, magic that must be harnessed and claimed, magical hijinks that cause problems at school or home!

The Game

This story game is a Descended from the Queen game. The original game, For The Queen, asks players to draw cards and answer prompts to intuitively and spontaneously create a story together. The story ends when the final question is drawn, and the players create an epilogue together.

In Keepers of the Cards, you can use the unique cards designed for this deck (you can upload them to Roll20 or a similar online app, or print and play!) You can also use any tarot deck (most are a Rider-Waite-Smith deck, which will line up perfectly with this game). Simply draw the cards and refer to the PDF to see what prompt you are asked to answer.

This game includes:

  • A PDF with instructions for play, optional rules, and all prompts

  • Prompts, lots of prompts! When playing the game you will be asked to first establish who was the Magician who created the deck, and what creatures of magic you must track down. There are 22 prompts for the Magician (based on the 22 Major Arcana cards of the tarot) and 22 prompts for the creatures (once again based on the Major Arcana).

    When playing the game, you can draw from 56 story prompts (based on the 56 Minor Arcana cards of the tarot).

  • An X-Card, for discarding a prompt or changing an aspect of the story

  • 125 images for cards, including 4 unique card backs and 9 unique card designs


Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

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Hello! I’d like to request a community copy of this game to adapt for my classroom journaling project. From the description it sounds like there is a lot of potential for me to get the back and forth that I’d like to create in these journals for my struggling and reluctant readers so that they want to read and write. 

If it’s possible my email is Sharyna at gmail dot com … if not, I understand! 

Hi thanks for reaching out! I'll email you in a short bit, I'm always happy to send over copies of my games for whatever reason, but classroom activities is an especially good reason!