Cozy Town 2.0 and thank you Dicebreaker!

Hello cozy friends!

Thank you for your patience as I continue to work on updates! We are almost finished with Cozy Town 2.0 and I wanted to share all the goodies!

  • new PDF! Updated to feature an amazing amount of art from AG Reeder! I think Alex's art is so important to getting across the vibes of Cozy Town that I added his name to the cover. Thank you so much Alex!
  • new town creation options! Kristin Devin wrote two new sets of creation options: Transportation and Town Spirits, and I love them both so much!
  • new oracles: The Friends We Made Along The Way by Jeremy J Harper and the Sunset Oracle by Mariam Ahmad!
  • Updated PDF to reflect all of these changes and a few bits and bobs!
  • We were featured in a Dicebreaker video! Thank you so much!!!

I have a few more exciting things to work on, but my physical and mental health have been a challenge. But do keep your eyes peeled for a printer friendly version and an audiobook version! But Cozy Town 2.0 is practically complete, thanks to your support everyone. Thank you for reading, playing, and talking about the game!


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Jun 27, 2022

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Ooooh. I'm looking forward to the print version. I'm hoping to get my wife to play with me (she hasn't had any interest in games like D&D, but she loves Animal Crossing).

I'm very pleased to say Cozy Town has successfully gotten many new folks into ttrpgs, it's one of the things I'm most proud of!! Fingers crossed for you! Working on the print version ASAP :)